Monthly Archives: October 2013

First rain

First rain of the season

Yes, we’re finally get­ting a lit­tle rain. Just a gen­tle rain to start out the sea­son. It was very wel­come and I didn’t even mind that it came down while I was swim­ming. Why should I?
I looked for a rain­bow, but it was appar­ently down by the beach, out of view. Happy Fall!

Welcome Oskar!

Welcome, Oskar!

We had the best start to Octo­ber!! Oskar was born on Octo­ber 5th and is so beau­ti­ful! The fam­ily is doing fine and every­one is well. I’m very happy that they are close by and I’ll be able to spoil Oskar ade­quately! He’s a trea­sure. {sigh}